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The reason for this is because i jut want to see if some one donates any points. I also will practically any request from that person and those requests are not limited to writings because i have been taking art lessons and remember i can do practically anything even tell you my real FULL name but it can only be one of the following.


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irl I constantly change personality, one second i will be happy go lucky next second i will be bawling my eyes out. With this my creativity in my art never stops changing causing one story to be a crack fix and the next to be a sad story. So depending on the time off day my stories change and blossom into beautiful things!!! but be careful i am very deceptive so don't let your guard down the genre of a story can change dramatically. I guess i am just a serum of different cures and diseases, you will never be able to guess the difference!
Also I look like the character America from hetalia, not the one from the fan arts btw… also not the nyo version… so i am damn sexy.
Alright so just saying if you ever see a story THAT IS ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME as one of my stories that is because i am posting on a different account!!Birb intensifies 

Here are all my other writing accounts just so you can know!!

Raysea My wattpad account

Rausea My quotev account

and then i had a fan one but i never use it.
THANKS FOR LOOKING!!!!Clawhauser icon :huehuehue: Supernatural - Paranoid Dean NO!!!! - undertale chat icon - chara and sans 


I am human.

Being human isn't simple though.

Some of us are in situations that can easily be fixed. The big problem is that we are human. We are naturally greedy, we only want at birth. There is no need.

We don't need to live, we want to live. Our existence is based off of wanting. We look at the people in the world who have nothing and feel pity but most do nothing and the people who do something are doing it to feel good about themselves.

Being born or given good things leads us to want more. People who no longer want anything are not even alive. Even suicidal people want things.

Humans can't change that and many people will never accept that we are all greedy.

We want attention, we want love, we want more and more… all of us will never succeed in getting all we want.

I want many things as well… I want attention! I want love! I want to be apart of something… to feel whole…

Everything I write is for attention! Every comment I write is for others to notice I'm here.

People make wanting something out to be awful and a sin… That may be true but I don't want to feel bad about being human… for wanting.

I am Human…

I get angry, I get frustrated, I feel pain… Even if I laugh something off or look calm… I am not. I don't wear a mask, I wear a reflection… a reflection of what others want in me… so I can get the love I want.

The thing is my reflection is broken… trying to be something that others want.

I am Human!

Don't try to say my wanting of things is GREEDY!! It may be considered that but to be human you must be GREEDY!!!

If i was not as greedy as i am I would not even be on this earth…

I want… more. I don't want to be seen as just another pointless, deep, emotional post that people read over. I want to be noticed… I want love! I want life.

My heart aches as the person I grew to depend upon slowly gives up on me. My existence is questioned when a simple request is ignored for some other flashy thing that wants to take the attention away from me!!

I am Greedy, but is it too much to ask for a simple glance? A kind comment? A hug? A conversation? I guess it is…

I want life. I want love. Most importantly I want to be accepted.

All because I am human.
Chapter 2


(Your PoV)
The next day Toshi woke me up early in the morning before the sun even rose. He was in his All Might form ready to leave, "Come on we are going to be late." He said munching on a piece of toast. I watched the hero munching on the toast and laughed, "Seriously… You can't expect me to leave without even taking a bath…" I got cut short by the completely serious look on his smiling face, "Damn it… how long are we going to be out, at least let me make something to eat while I'm there." His smile seemed to brighten, "Make me one too!" He said simply.

I laughed at the hero's reply, 'seems as if he opens up easily… right, this guy is my legal guardian now… I wonder how he was able to do such a thing in the few hours he was away from here.' I thought cooking up two simple bento boxes. I looked down at my clothes and saw how ragged I looked, 'sweat stain here, a little ketchup there, and what the hell is that even' I thought picking at the dirty clothing I had on. I sighed looking at my foot which had dead skin falling off with dirty caked on it.

'I really need to get clothing of my own.' I thought grabbing up the two lunches I had made, "Finished, let us head out. Sorry if i made you late." I explained. He just opened the door and lead me out. Out of no where he picked me up and jumped off into the sky, "We have to go pick up Young Midoriya, from there we have to walk." He said as the wind stung my eyes. I couldn't get a single word out my mouth as we soared through the air bouncing off the ground every now and again to keep in the air.

When we reached Izuku's place. I had tears running out of my eyes and my once perfect (H/c) Hair was flying loose in curtain areas, "Seriously, You don't know how to hold back do you." I said hurling in the corner. He just laughed even though the sweat dripping down his chin said he was worried. Before anything else was said the "Young Midoriya" came out of the building, "Thank you for coming to pick me up! I am so excited!" He said.

I looked up and smiled at him, "Let me tell you, that power is hell on the stomach for me." I said standing up straight, "By any chance do you have a pair of sandals?" i asked. He just smiled and put one finger up running back into the building. He came out a few second later brandishing the sandals as if they were the most precious jewels. I smiled and put them on, "Enough with the merry making. LETS GO!" Toshi said in his scrawny form.

We followed him to a bus stop and drove off to the beach that had all this trash littering every where, "Why are we here?" I asked looking at  Toshinori who suddenly transformed into All Might, "Training!" He said walking straight onto the trash covered beach. Izuku and I looked at each other and then walked on.

I was quite sad that the trash covered up the view of the ocean, "Young (Y/n), I want you to collect the garbage that is caught in the waves. Young Midoriya move this refrigerator up there." All Might said out of no where. I walked to the shore line and started to pick up the trash with my hands, "Alternate using your quirk and your actual hands." He said as he drug Izuku in the opposite direction. I smiled silently as I grabbed up a tire that was floating in the ocean, "Nothing a strong girl (If you are a boy deal with it) like me can't handle!" I thought aloud.

After picking up a small portion of the trash littering the waters my hands were already cramping and my arms felt heavy, "Nothing I can't *huff* handle" I said trying to motivate myself to go on. I looked at all the trash left in the water, "Nothing… I can't handle" I repeated. I looked on sadly, "So much garbage, why do people insist on dumping in such nice water." I said to myself picking up the next plank with my quirk and to reserve some energy I attached the water to my hands as if I was holding a rope.

After a few more hours like this I was drenched in sweat and water my hands un able to lift any more. I laid down in the sand sighing, "Tell me again why I am doing this Toshi?" I asked looking at him standing above me, "Midoriya left but you shouldn't call me that in front of him. Alright." He said. I nodded at him, "And you are doing this so you can get into Yuuei. So you are safe from the people who almost killed your father." He said simply. I sighed, "Alright, but what am I going to do about the next 10 months? I still had one more year of school." I said.

He looked off at space, "I got a… friend, to help teach you home schooling style. Knowing you though I think you would be fine with most the material." He said holding out a hand for me to grab. I took it and stood up full, "We are not going to be jumping through the air to get back there right?" I asked. He laughed, "Lets go." He said walking off, "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT THESE WET CLOTHS!" I yelled at him.

He stopped in his tracks, "Lets worry about that when it is a problem." He said. I followed after, "Seriously… It is a problem now." i mumbled hugging my body as I made the obnoxious squishing noises with the sandals. It went on like this in the subway on our way back to the Academy. We also ate the lunch boxes that I had made earlier eating them on the subway. We got quite a few odd looks, mostly me. I wished I could just take the water off of me but since my hands were unable to move I stayed dripping everywhere.

In the dorm room I headed straight for the bathroom, "I call dibs!" I yelled running in and starting the bath. I sighed as I lowered my body into the warm comforting waters. I looked closely at the body cleaning supplies he had, "Why are these all american products? Where does he get these?" I thought looking at the bottles that all had american flags on them. I grabbed the body wash and cleaned off the sand and grim that was on my skin. I smelled the substance, "Seriously… Is this lavender." I shrugged at the body wash.

After I was finished up, almost two hours later, I wrapped up in Toshinori's bathrobe, "I am never putting those clothes on again!" I said looking at the sweats and stained shirt. When I made it out off the bathroom i noticed the vacancy of the room. I shrugged and made my way to the kitchen. I prepared a nice warm shell fish soup and played the radio loudly while doing so. I cooked to the beat of songs like Hall Of Fame and Superheroes. I laughed that the songs playing, "Someday" I said to myself.

I also made a nice apple pie for dessert. When I was finished I patted my back for such a good job at the dinner I had made. It was about that time I heard a knock at the door. I looked out of the peep hole and saw the man I had met in the small park. For some odd reason he was wrapped in a sleeping bag and was squirming to stay standing.

I opened the door forgetting what I was wearing and looked at the man who now flopped on the floor rolling in without a word of invite. I was speechless looking at him as he jumped out of the sleeping bag, "I guess All Might is not here at the moment is he?" He said sighing. He in turn sat down on the couch, "This place is crowded with… things." he said looking around the room, 'Maybe this is why He told me not to answer the door.' I thought to myself.

I looked at the strange man toying with one of the pillows, "Care for dinner?" I asked him. He turned around and looked at me with his dark eyes, "Sure" he said standing up and walking to the kitchen table. I set a plate for him and myself and sat down. He looked at the food like it was poisoned, "Don't like shell fish?" I asked him as he picked up the spoon, "Just a strange way to prepare this type of food." He said slurping it up. I looked at the food, 'Strange?' I thought digging in myself. 

I finished the soup quickly and noticed that the guest was still had quite a bit left in the plate, "Don't like it. Do you." I said plainly picking up my own bowl and placing it in the sink, "No it is quite the opposite, I just would like to enjoy it." He said with a plain rugged face. I sighed, "Don't try enjoying it for too long or else the pie is going to go cold." I said to him walking in the kitchen placing the pie onto two plates. I placed one in front of him and myself and ate it happily. 

He looked at the soup and the pie in thought. For a few seconds he did nothing and then he began to eat the soup at a normal pace, 'Finally, NO ONE CAN RESIST MY PIE!' i yelled in my brain enjoying the pie I had made. Not even a second after he finished the soup Toshinori walked in, "(y/n) I was out picking up some of the things from your house…" He stopped looking at the strange man very ready to eat my wonderful pie. They both stared at each other for a long while not speaking a word.

I looked at what Toshi was carrying and noticed that he had my laptop in his hand. I walked up to him yanking it from his hand, then i turned around sitting on the couch turning it on, "If you two stay there like that the pie is going to get cold." I said unlocking my laptop and turned on my chess app. I heard the shuffling of feet and the clatter of a plate. I looked back and notice the two were now eating pie. I sighed closing my laptop, "Now please tell the nice All Might why you are here." I said talking to the stranger like he was a small child.

He sighed setting down the fork of the half finished pie, "I was here to ask why you needed to have me teach someone for a whole school semester while I am teaching the other classes but now I know why." He said to Toshinori, "Ill help out but I can't defiantly say that I can teach her everything in just one hour per day." He continued. Toshi nodded his head, "I understand your concern but I can't send her to a regular school without the danger of the villains attacking her again." He said simply.

This seemed to shock the man in all black, "When did you get so responsible?" He asked simply. Toshi just shook his head back and forth, "If you don't want to do it… I could just do it myself." He said. I laughed at his come back, 'All you got?' I thought. The stranger sighed (A lot of sighing), "I can't leave this to you." he said simply and this walked out, "Ill start teaching her in the evenings from 5 to 6 and on weekends from 8 to 10" He said walking out… with the plate of pie.

I just laughed and then looked at Toshi, "Who was that?" I asked. He just looked at me like I was stupid, "You didn't even know who he was?! How am i going to trust you not to open the door to strangers!" he yelled. I laughed at his scolding, "Don't worry I am a good judge of character, also I previously met him… i just forgot to ask his name…" I said fiddling with the draw strings on the robe, "WAIT I WAS WEARING THIS THE WHOLE TIME?!"I yelled out, 'Why am i so underdressed when guests come?' I thought to myself.

Toshi just laughed, "You can call him Aizawa-Sensei, or just Aizawa." He said handing the items in his hands to me, "Here, i wasn't able to bring the… other things… well i gotta go! Paperwork!" He said running into the office… with the pie...

I laughed and looked at the things he brought, "Clothing, soap, and the money jar… damn it i have to go buy the rest of it!!!!!!!!" I yelled to myself. I looked around and changed into the sleeping clothes and pulled out the couch bed, "Good time for a long needed sleep." I said to myself. I looked at my hands that had heat compresses on them I whispered to my hands, "thank you for not messing up while cooking." Cleaning off the invisible dust on the bed I jumped in. I soaked in the peacefulness of just laying there, "LAPTOP TIME!" I yelled to myself.

I played some pre downloaded games for a while then realized that I was going to wake up early the next day as well, "Damn it" I set down the computer and closed my eyes.

I dreamed about being able to use my quirk considerably better. I used the water to set fires out and save people falling from the air. The dream felt like seconds but I soon woke up to the next morning. Toshinori was, for once, cooking something to eat, "Finally awake I see." He said. I looked closely at him a noticed he was wearing an american flag apron, "Why do you have so many American themed items?" I asked while standing up.

He looked at the apron and then back to me, "Am i not allowed to like american things?" Was all he said. He turned back to the food and flipped something. I yawned and went to the bathroom to change into some shorts and heavy jacket, "I really need to go shopping for something new." I said to myself.

I finished up with my morning routine and walked out of the room, "Ready to go?" Toshi asked me handing me toast. I nodded and munched on the toast, "This is burnt…" I said under my breath. He opened the door holding two lunch boxes, "Today we can just take the bus. Midoriya already knows where it is." I followed after him, "Such a normal way of getting somewhere. I enjoy things like this. Hint hint wink wink…. don't ever jump through the air again with me." I hinted to him. He just walked on.

When we got there Izuku was already lifting the garbage, "Hey! My over achieving friend!" I yelled to him. He looked up and smiled with sweat covering him, "Finally here i see!" He said running up the steps with the tire, "Where is All Might?" He asked setting the tire down. I looked over my shoulder and realized he was no longer there, "He was here a second ago…" I trailed off, "Why is it that you are always with him when you come around?" He asked.

I hesitated then realized that this boy was probably more trust worthy then me, "To tell the truth… All Might is technically my guardian now…" I said scratching the back of my head. He looked at me with envious eyes, "SO YOU GET TO SEE HIS DAILY LIFE! Tell me all you know!" He gleamed pulling out a note book. I laughed at his antics, "It is pretty simple, paperwork, eating, and sleeping… well he does own a ton of american themed items." I explained in thought.

I walked down the beach followed by Izuku, "This beach isn't going to clean itself" I said lifting up the nearest garbage that floated in the water. It went on like this for awhile and when Toshinori returned he would haul the garbage to the dump. We took a break for lunch and when I opened the lunch box i immediately gave it to Izuku, "Here you don't have lunch take this." I said. It turned out that that morning Toshinori cooked hamburger but it looked like someone set fire to a rock, "Seriously, did you invite me to live with you because the food?" I asked. He just shrugged, "It was a bonus…"

When I got back my hands were wound in heat compresses trying to keep them moving. Aizawa came soon after for my lessons, "We are going to study at my place, this place is just too crowded." He said sneering at the room we were in, "Just give me a second!" I said from the kitchen bringing out a pumpkin pie that i had made, "Here, a gift of thanks!" I said walking out of the door. I noticed his looking at my hands. I ignored it as he walked off the campus to an apartment complex just outside the school.

His room was hard to explain, "Um… where is everything?" I asked looking at the almost completely empty room. All that was in the room was some papers on the floor, "I usually only come here to sleep, if it were up to me we would be in the class room but they said you can't go into any of the building." He said sitting down on the floor pulling out a fork for the pie. He handed me a paper with some questions, "This is a quiz to test how much you know about the things i am about to teach you. Just so I don't test you on things you already know." He explained.

I nodded beginning on the test. There were things I knew about already and a few hints that i had to think deeply on, it was like I was taking a final exam just for practice. When I finished I handed it to him, it took only a few minutes for him to read over all of my answers, "Seems as if you know your stuff… you seem to be having trouble with history and grammar as well as math." He explained looking over the work. He handed me some papers, "Read over these and answer the questions." He said simply letting me do my work. On the paper was some rules for grammar and such, i finished the questions and handed them back, "That is defiantly an improvement, take this worksheet home with you as well as this book to help. With your improvement rate you will probably finish all the studies you need by the end of the month." He said giving a small smirk.

I smiled and opened the door to leave, "Thank you so much!" I exclaimed running out. I ran to the campus that was across the street. On my way back I bumped into a small mouse like man, or man like mouse, "Im sorry sir!" I said bowing down, he just laughed and patted my head, "It is all right. Now have a good day young (Y/n)" He said. I just smiled and ran off to the dorm room. While running i finally registered what he had said.

I stopped in my tracks and turned around finding that no one was there, "That was most defiantly odd" I pondered to myself on what had just happened. I huffed, "Well I don't have time to worry. I need to finished this work sheet!" I cheered happily continuing running. When I got back I saw that Toshi was sitting cross legged in front of the Tv eating cup noodle. I set my stuff down silently, "Seriously! The Hero All Might sitting so close to the tv! You are going to ruin your eyes!" I yelled at him from behind posed like a mother scolding her child.

He turned around slowly looking me directly in the eyes, "Your back!" He cheered happily. I huffed grabbing the cup noodles from him, "SO much sodium! Maybe your lack of time in the All Might state is due to your diet. Health has a lot to do with strength." I said throwing the cup noodle away and swaggering my way into the kitchen. I looked into the fridge to find that all that was left was bacon, eggs, and some varying fruits, "You don't cook and yet you have things like this." I said under my breath pulling the breakfast items out.

I made a nice breakfast from Dinner type of meal and while eating I finished the document with ease, "You know Toshinori… why are you incapable of teaching me? You don't do much more work then Aizawa…" I said flatly. He just stopped eating the food, "To tell the truth I am quite smart, but it is second nature. To me it is like teaching someone who never whistled before to whistle, I just know what to do and can't explain it well." He explained.

I nodded and sighed, "Well have a good night I am going to bed…" I got up from my seat and prepared for bed in the bathroom. When I got out I noticed the dishes were clean and Toshi was in his office. I smiled jumping into my bed pulling out my laptop. I connected to the free wifi and messed around on the internet for a little while. When I was bored I fell asleep.

I woke up finding my self in a cold sweat. I looked around in the dark room that seemed more… well different. I tried standing up but my body would not let me. My knees felt heavy and slowly my entire body fell back onto the bed. I looked up seeing a dark figure holding me down. I began to panic trying to scream but my throat would not let me, it felt as if I was screaming but it felt so distant. I looked up to the figure seeing the mud monster that had previously almost killed me. I felt horrified and tried closing my eyes but they stayed open.

The figure slowly engulfed my body that was shaking violently. I feel, down down down. When I hit the floor i felt nothing. Standing up I realized I was in an ally way. I looked around and saw someone bleeding out terribly on the ground. I tried to run out to help him but the alley way seemed to grow longer and was slowly getting engulfed by shadows. I screamed out to him.

Everything stopped the shadows creeping in my vision stayed and my heart pounded so hard i felt as if my head was about to burst out. The man slowly stood with popping and gurgling noises. Out of no where the mans face popped right in front of mine, it was my fathers face. Blood poured out from his mouth and his eyes, OH HIS EYES! They where black with red seeping out. He reached out to my face as i screamed for it all to stop, I shook my head back and forth and jolted my body every which way trying to escape this NIGHTMARE!

Then I realized it, "This is not real!" I yelled to myself jolting out of bed. I sat up breathing heavily and gulping from the lack of water in my throat. I sighed from relief and wiped the sweat and tears from my face. I hugged the pillow that was close to me shaking violently. I laid back in my bed paranoid about every little sound that I heard. I looked to the bed in the corner and remembered Toshinori was there. I looked closely at the bed and realized he was sleeping soundly in his bed. I listened to his rhythmic breathing that set me at an odd peace.

I released my grip on the pillow and rolled over on my back realizing that every sound was a lot more comforting then I had thought. I listened to the howls screeches and the crickets violins. I got up from the bed and as quietly as I could I snuck out the front door. I sat down on the small stone curb that faced the lot of trees. I looked at the trees that silently flowed in the breeze covering up the stars as if to gain my attention.

I smiled at the trees and took a few deep breaths in, "What are you doing out here?" I heard Toshinori question. I sighed this time prolonged and with more feeling as if I was releasing a poison from my lungs, "I had a bad dream, i needed to calm down." I explained simply. He stayed silent as he sat down next to me. We sat there like that for a while just looking at the stars enjoying the comfortable silence. After that while was over I stood up and opened the door holding it open for Toshinori.

We both went to our respectful beds and fell asleep quite nicely and without any more interruptions.
Yay! I finally got a scanner!!! So more of my drawings will be posted and used as preview images for my fan fictions! Also for anyone who wants a story to be updated. Im sorry I haven't got to all of your stories, as of late it is getting harder to find inspiration for stories. The silver lining though, I have been finding better ways to write my stories so I may take down old stories and replace them with better writings.

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